Intentional living made easy,

Your guide to live with intention and manifest your dreams into reality! 


Creating your own future and manifesting the emotions that you desire into your life starts with getting it down on paper, this is intentional living made simple. 


A digital guide for YOU who are ready to live with intention and manifest your dreams into reality. 


The process will take you thru the following areas of your life: 


  • Personal Aliveness

  • Physical energy

  • Love & Intimacy

  • Meaningful connections

  • Mission & financials


When we are clear on our intentions we show the universe that we are ready to receive. This is a powerful way to allow ourselves to tap into the present moment. Get clear on

your intentions and surrender to the unfolding. What if the most important work is to remove the resistance and let the universe do its work for you?


This is intentional living made easy. Are you committed or are you interested? 


Madeleine Mofjärd 

Stockholm, Sweden