Welcome to SEASON 2 - These are my intentions!

WOW, it is now time to welcome SEASON 2 of The Mofjrdtalks Podcast and I am so deeply grateful to have YOU here with me. The first episode of season 2 will be available 1/9 05AM. Before hitting play, I would like for us to create some clarity...

Season 2 will be all about healthy communication, deeper relating, sexuality and most of all - exploring what it means to live more truthfully to who we truly are. These are my intentions...

💥 I am here to empower YOU and me to be more of YOU and me. This is a space dedicated fully to self development, with the north star to create a world filled with meaning and aliveness

💥 I believe in breaking patterns, in questioning our beliefs about what is right and wrong. You might not always agree with me, the guests and the topics that we cover, I encourage you to own your triggers.

💥 I have a lot of fears. I am learning to love them, to bring them as a guest on the ride of life while I let love and abundance take the lead. Creating Mofjrdtalks has been, and in many ways, still is a way for me to overcome the fear of not being good enough. With this said, this is as much about my personal growth as it is about yours.

💥 My social media is an extension of the podcast, I share with vulnerability the phases that I go thru in my life with the intention to help others gain new insights about their own behavior and patterns. With this said - I don’t share everything. My social media and the podcast does not reflect the fullness of who I am.

💥Like mentioned earlier, I value authenticity, curiosity and love. That is the space I´m coming from in the posts that I share.

💥 I believe that every person carries a story that has the power to transform other peoples lives, I am here to build a platform where I can hold space for people to share their story in a way that makes the world a better place and more filled with meaning and LIFE.

💥 Last but not least, the conversations and topics that I cover on the show are guided by my curiosity - the topics will show you what is going on in my inner world and where Im at.

Once again, thank you for being here with me. Your journey of becoming more fully alive and exploring what a life of meaning looks like, starts NOW!

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Madeleine Mofjärd 


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